How To Play

 Instructions, hints and tips to help you on your way in The Rescue.

The game takes place on a heavily protected castle wall. You must cross the screen from left to right avoiding obstacles in order to make your way to the next level. Obstacles include firey pits which must be swung over by rope, castle walls which must be jumped (some of which contain knights to guard the path) and flying fireballs and arrows to be ducked or jumped.

You move the hero with the on-screen joystick. *hint* The further the joystick is moved to the left or right, the faster the hero will move in that direction.

The other control is the jump button. Pressing jump while standing still will cause the hero to jump straight up in the air (which is useful for dodging arrows from both directions) or jumping while running will make the hero jump in the direction being travelled. Be careful you dont jump into a flaming fire-ball!